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Founded in 1988, Tutton Insurance Services, Inc. is a Southern California based business insurance agency built on expertise & relationships. This passion for developing partnerships with customers and insurance companies sets Tutton Insurance apart from its peers and has allowed it to become one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in the region.



"There are many insurance carriers out there, with an agency on every corner. We know our customers have plenty of resources to choose from. What distinguishes us is the way we treat our customers" says Bill Tutton, owner and president. "When customers call, they are assured of fast, efficient personal service delivered with empathy and attention to detail."


Customers notice this difference right away, when Tutton Insurance delivers a coverage proposal that is clear, concise, and free of jargon. Agents are available to help a client assess their insurance needs, explain the coverage proposal and even summarize policy endorsements sent by the carrier. Claims personnel are ready to assist with the filing of a claim.


A wide variety of clients have chosen Tutton Insurance as their business insurance solution. Typical clients run the spectrum from construction companies and manufacturing firms to restaurants and distributors. "With our broad array of insurance carriers, we can serve clients as large as those with a national presence all the way down to those with 10 employees," says Tutton. Tutton Insurance offers one-stop shopping for all of a client's business insurance needs. Coverages include general liability, commercial property, fleet auto, workers' compensation, group health benefits and 401(k) plans, to name just a few insurance solutions available. Tutton Insurance works with a wide variety of national and regional carriers to provide the needed coverage at the lowest price possible.


SIA 3770 - 06/2011